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Prison Rape - Television Tropes & Idioms
A famous scene from Firefly involves a corrupt Alliance cop intimidating one of Mal's friends into betraying him using graphic threats of prison rape. ... -
Forums - 10 Most Disturbing Rape Scenes - Squeal Lie A Piggy!
30 posts - 24 authors - Last post: Jun 21, 2004
By far the worst ever is the prison rape scene in "American Me"... I'd rather die than go to jail for even a few years. Crimminy. ...
Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women by US Occupation Forces
(Please Note: Many of the photographs showing the rape of Iraqi women and the sodomization of Iraqi POW's at the Abu Ghraib prison are now at USA ...
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awakening from a Prison escapey. Watch Video about Prison,Rape,Comedy by ... Rape Scene Dress - Kapde Phatenge, Audience ...
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News, reviews and commentary about gay and bisexual men in entertainment and the media. -
Triggering Movies, Books, etc. | Escaping Hades: a rape and sexual ...
Male/prison rape in alot of episodes; also, a female doctor was raped this season. ... graphic/violent rape scene with the most accurate attempt of showing ... -
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And if anyone knows about lesbian prison rape scenes - it's Rosie. drof2th 03:56:56 PM Jul 06 2008. Report This! THREE WORDS SUM UP ROSIE. ... - Lesbian Rape Videos Download! Rape Scene Tube Videos ...
Brutal girls. Prison rape in europe. Free rape pics. Xxx free rape videos. Film rape scenes. Rape anime. Forced orgasm stories. Black lesbian rape ... -

Topics From

Prison Rape
You're my prison bitch, my prison bitch
You're not like other men
I'm glad we share a prison cell when lights go out at ten
I can't escape the way I feel
Now that would be a crime
As long as I am doing you, I don't mind doing time.

— Bob and Tom, Prison Bitch

The fear that, in the absence of women, men will rape each other, coupled with many heterosexual males' horror of anal penetration, makes rape in prison a much exaggerated phenomenon in the media, especially American media of the last few decades.

Prison rape becomes:

* A device for scary violence and revenge scenes in stories with prison settings.
* A threat for nasty law officers to menace prisoners with during interrogation scenes. ("You know what they'll do to a pretty boy like you, son?")
* An extra punishment that "good" characters sometimes actually gloat at the thought of villains suffering!
* A source of tasteless jokes, often featuring huge criminals wearing eyeshadow.
* A source of fears and hangups for characters who think they may be in danger of incarceration (may be played straight or for laughs).
* A dark, past trauma that blights the lives of ex-convicts.

Of course, sexual violence in prisons is an endemic problem. For numerical figures and depressing anecdotes, see No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons. However, if you believe the media, and the resulting gossip, almost nothing else happens in prison, ever. (Except for getting shivved in the back.) This trope often has a racist element, as white prisoners are often depicted as being especially at risk from rape by big, black inmates. (Although, this has a basis in fact, as white inmates are disproportionately targeted; see the aforementioned report. Prison populations, especially minorities, organise themselves into gangs with ethnic hierarchies; raping a member of another group can give the rapist prestige in the eyes of his mates and sends the message: Don't fuck with me, improving the standing of the rapist even if he, in turn, is the prison bitch of another man. Often the last bit of advice given to a guy going to prison is "Don't drop the soap."

Standard prejudices about male-on-male prison rape reveal a great deal of homophobia, as the rapists are usually assumed to be homosexual:

Red: Then there's "the Sisters," wait until you meet those guys. They're going to adore you.
Andy: I don't suppose it would help if I told them I'm not homosexual.
Red: Neither are they. They'd have to be human to be that way.
— The Shawshank Redemption

The fact is, known homosexuals are at far greater risk to become the victim than heterosexuals, while the rapists are predominantly heterosexual and identify themselves as such (in interviews, they will emphasize that they have a girlfriend or wife outside prison); consequently, the rape victims are verbally emasculated and referred to as "prison wives". Rape is foremost a demonstration of power; it offers a release of sexual urges; it is not an expression of actual sexual preference.

There's also a disturbing subspecies of the genre in which jokes are made that imply that gay characters will enjoy prison because they will be raped.

See Rape As Comedy, Rape As Drama, Rape Is Love.


Comic Books

* This has become almost a Dead Horse Trope in Hellblazer:
o During the story about the Devil's Confession, there is reference to a young hippie being "buggered eleven times on his first night inside", which prompted his attempted suicide.
o During the Son of Man Story Arc, John Constantine and Chaz Chandler are pursued by a huge demon called a "fuckpig", supposedly the act of rape given form. John comments that, as the creature is sexually aggressive, massively endowed and black in colour (coal-black, as it happens), this experience could represent prison-rape anxiety. Even though the story was set in London and it's usually U.S. prisons that are depicted as controlled by violent black gangs.
o In the story arc Hard Time, John is incarcerated in an Oz-like prison in the Deep South where he is sexually menaced by a scary black man named Traylor. John later magically causes a rioting mob of prisoners to see Traylor as a Hot Black Chick and gang-bang him (John's a Nineties Anti Hero; he doesn't have to be nice).
* The villain of The Authority's "Earth Inferno" story arc is an evil magician who has spent decades in prison, and rather banally says he has been raped by almost every guard in the prison. Once he escapes, he travels back in time and molests one of the heroes as a teenager as part of his battle strategy.
* When Spider-Man ally Joe "Robbie" Roberston gets jailed by the machinations of Tombstone, the hulking inmate Bruiser decides the Robbie will become his "very close friend". In an immediate backpedal/Authors Saving Throw, it's quickly revealed/retconned that Bruiser has only platonic friendship in mind since Robbie reminds him of his brother, along with hasty denials in the letter column. But that's not what was VERY clearly implied in the original scene.
* The Punisher had a Christmas Special backup where the perp he's chasing has vowed not to go back to prison due his prior experiences there. Since the Punisher has promised not to kill on Christmas (that year), he drugs the guy and turns him over to the cops, saying "Learn to sleep with one eye open". The Punisher does this while dressed as Sants Claus, just to make it even more disturbing.


* An anti-drug PSA in the early 90s featured a first-person viewpoint of the arrested drug user, ending with a prison inmate who simply blows a kiss to his new cellmate.
o You Tube links? Anyone?
o I recall a similar one regarding illegal guns. "The worse part of being convicted on a firearms offence is you don't get to keep the gun with you when you meet your new cellmate."


* Similarly, the Where Are They Now Epilogue in Mallrats has the Jerk Jock, who liked to "screw girls in a very uncomfortable place", have the same thing happen to him.
o The back of a Volkswagen?
* Office Space (Quoted Above) famously used this as the protagonists' primary motivation to hide their crime.
o No longer quoted above. The place they'd rather stay out of is "federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison".
* In The Rock, Sean Connery's character jokes that fighting the rogue soldier on Alcatraz is better than his regular day "reading philosophy and avoiding gangrape in the washroom."
o Though this is apparently less of a problem, in recent times. "I musht be looshing my shex appeal."
* This actually happens to Norm MacDonald's character (the main character) in Dirty Work. After a short scene of him discussing what happens to guys in prison with his friend, they show him walk from off screen, buttoning his pants, and talking about how disgusting and rude his fellow inmates are.
* Subverted in Let's Go to Prison, where Scary Black Man Barry actually woos Nelson with toilet-made Merlot and a romantic enviroment in his cell. They eventually become life partners.
* The Dragon in the film Road House taunts Dalton during their big fight by revealing to him that "I used to fuck guys like you in prison!" Then Dalton rips his throat out.
* This is the most memorable plot point in the 1978 movie Midnight Express, which is about an American who tries to smuggle drugs out of Turkey and winds up in a truly brutal prison. The horrors of American "kids" being brutalized in foreign prisons in various ways became a common trope in news stories for decades after this movie came out. The trope was actually spoofed in Airplane!, where square airliner pilot Peter Graves turns out to be a homosexual pedophile, asking a young boy, "Joey, have you ever seen a grown man naked?", "Do you like movies about gladiators?" and, finally, "Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?" Ironically, American prisons have developed such a reputation for brutality over the years that foreign travelers are warned about them. And so the circle of life continues.
* The Steven Seagal movie Fire Down Below ends with Seagal disabling the main bad guy with one shot instead of killing him because he wants the bad guy to meet the "new friend" who is going to share his cell in prison. Given Seagal's general description of the "new friend" in question, one can make a pretty good guess about what's in store for the villain once he arrives...
o He pretty much says the same thing in Hard to Kill. But then no one ever accused Steven Seagal movies of an overabundance of originality.
+ Nor tropers.
* American History X has a truly ironic and distressing part focusing on this.
o Ed Norton's character in 25th Hour is so worried about this that he spends the movie trying to convince his best friend to beat his face before he goes to prison. He hopes that arriving looking dangerous will save him.
* The Butterfly Effect features a brutal prison rape scene involving Ashton Kutcher's character.
o Which was a moment of official, cringeworthy, Nightmare Fueling Squick for this troper. In the CENSORED FOR TV version.
* A little Joey Lawrence movie called Tequila Body Shots gives this as the consequence of landing in Mexican prison. Fortunately, or unfortunately if you prefer, Joey Lawrence does not end up in Mexican prison. Joey's love interest's psycho ex-boyfriend, however...
* Happens in Scum, which takes place in a borstal (British version of juvenile hall.)
* In There's Something About Mary, Ted (Ben Stiller) was falsely accused of murder (which was actually done by an escaped mental patient). Before he was released, we see a large inmate lying next to Ted in bed, which implied that he was raped.
* Referenced in Reservoir Dogs, when Nice Guy Eddie described a white inmate, who upon being released from prison, was talking like a black man because "all that black semen been shooting up his butt, backed up into his brain and coming out of his mouth."
* In a Rape As Comedy example, one of the Fletch movies sees the title character in a prison cell with a big guy whose name, when Fletch asks, is apparently "Ben Dover".
* In The Ten, the story for "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife" is a Rape As Comedy / Rape Is Love take on this.
* Subverted in Puff, Puff, Pass, where one of the protagonist keeps being shocked that everyone else but him take it for granted that Andy Dufresne was raped off-screen in Shawshank Redemption.
* The Made For TV Movie The Rape of Richard Beck about the eponymous police officer who doesn't have a whole lot of sympathy for female rape victims until an escaped prisoner who overpowers him does something, and, well, you can guess what happens from the title of the movie. A bit of Rape As Comedy occurs when a rape counselor comes to see him, who, of course, is a woman...
* In the Where Are They Now Epilogue for Animal House, Greg Marmalade became a White House Aide for President Nixon, who was sent to prison after Nixon's resignation, and was raped there.
* Sleepers. The entire movie is hinged on this, made even more terrible by the fact that the brutalized parties are underage boys and the perpetrators are guards. At juvenile prison. This troper had trouble sleeping after watching it.
* Referenced in the Joe Pesci classic, My Cousin Vinny in the scene when the accused first meet their new lawyer. No rape actually occurs, but they clearly enjoy keeping the joke alive.
* One of many reasons why Richard and Justin (particularly Justin) don't want to get caught in Murder By Numbers. Particularly disturbing when the twist ending does implicitly result in Justin going to jail, alone and without his more domineering best friend there for support. Fridge Logic renders this somewhat unpleasant, as Justin's actor is the baby-faced and somewhat short Michael Pitt.


* The Pope of Greenwich Village; Faced with prison, the character Paulie complains "I ain't a big, tough guy. I go to jail and some big, militant nigger's gonna grab me in the showers and stuff it up my ass." (Paulie's choice of words, not ours!)
* The Illuminatus! trilogy. The appearance of Harry Coin is greeted with "It's safe to assume that anyone you meet in prison is a homosexual" and sure enough, Harry wants to bugger his new cellmate before they've even been introduced. Of course, like much of the books, this whole scene is subverted, double-subverted, and triple-subverted not long after.
* A standard element to make horror stories more horrific yet. In Stephen King's novella Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, the narrator muses over the topic of prison gangrape, admitting that it had happened to him, observing that it happens to the story's protagonist Andy Dufresne, and making it sound like it happens to nearly everyone in Shawshank prison.
* A particularly nasty version of prison rape plays a significant part in the brilliant and repulsive short story "I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes," by Douglas Clegg.
* In the Dale Brown novel Storming Heaven the male terrorist villain Henri Cazaux was arrested by U.S. soldiers on a base in Belgium as a teenager and repeatedly raped by them over two days. Needless to say, this provides him with plenty of motivation to hate the United States and also decide he will never be caught alive.
* The most horrifying instance of rape in the Outlander series (occurring in the first book, nonetheless, set in the mid-18th century) takes place in prison but is not precisely prison rape, more of a version of The Scarpia Ultimatum where both parties are male. Claire, the female love interest (from the 1940s — it's a long story) is... about as disturbed as one would expect, as the rape comes at the hands of a particularly sadistic villain. The same villain is implied to have been doing so for some time now to his other captives, at least one of whom commits suicide after.
* A Clockwork Orange has a few references to this— the teenage Villain Protagonist Alex makes offhand mentions to several cellmates in prison early on fighting over who gets to have him, which probably wouldn't have ended well. Later, Alex leads the fatal attack on a new sexually abusive cellmate.

Live Action TV

* Oz. Many instances, realistically portrayed and very disturbing.
o Rather perversely, many of the rapes perpetrated on this show are said to be against cast and crew that show up late to work.
* The Young Ones:
Rick: Mike! You bastard! I can't go to prison! I'm too pretty! I'll be raped!
* Averted in Porridge, where, while sexual tensions and possible assaults are touched upon, they are not dwelt upon, and the main homosexual character, Lukewarm, is a harmless Pet Homosexual.
* Famously referenced in an episode of Wiseguy.
* In the third season of Arrested Development, George Bluth complains about being under house arrest with his wife (after having spent most of the first two seasons incarcerated)

In prison I just had to lie there and take it. Here, I have to lie there and give it."

o In the same episode, George gives a speech to troubled youth about life in prison in order to scare them straight (i.e. off of drugs or gangs or whatever), but ends up describing prison rape to a group of gay youth who are expecting to be scared straight (i.e. into becoming heterosexuals). Needless to say, they are excited by the prospect of sweaty groping in the dark by buff men.
o It's also made fun of when Michael visits his father in prison during a previous season:

George Sr.: I haven't had sex in a month.
Michael:You know, you've been here two months.
George Sr.: It's hard to gauge time.
Michael: Yeah. I'll bet.

+ I thought that was a reference to the fact that Kitty was making conjugal visits to George while he was in prison.
o In one first season episode, George Michael is revealed to have watched an episode of Oz as a small child, and is terrified of visiting his grandfather in prison as a result.
* The penultimate episode in Series 2 of Life On Mars has DCI Gene Hunt, now a murder suspect, complain to Sam Tyler, his DI, "You're not the one who's going to have to knit himself a new arsehole after 25 years of aggressive male affection in prison showers!"
* Max And Paddy's Road to Nowhere had the pair going to prison and Paddy constantly worried about getting "bummed" while saying that Max has nothing to worry about. Despite Paddy's previous... encounter during an earlier episode, nothing of the sort happens, but in their attempts to seem like tough guys to make people keep their hands off them they attack the flamboyant Pepe, "girlfriend" of Raymond the Bastard who essentially owns that wing of the prison. It is largely implied that if Max and Paddy do not agree to Raymond's terms, rape shall be their punishment. Luckily the pair are bailed out before it comes to that.
* In an episode of Without A Trace, Jack Malone essentially threatens a crippled boy with being sent to prison and resultant Prison Rape unless he tells him where he's put the missing person of the week.
* In Red Dwarf, the cast is sent to prison, largely because of the backstabbing of Rimmer. In the first non-flashback set in the prison, Lister dumps a vial of the "sexual magnetism virus" on Rimmer, and the episode ends as all the inmates start groping him.
* Veronica Mars is truly all over the place with rape; one of the running gags in the first season, when one of the Arcs is Veronica trying to find out who raped her, is mocking someone who's heading to adult prison with a pronouncement of "Community soap."
* A famous scene from Firefly involves a corrupt Alliance cop intimidating one of Mal's friends into betraying him using graphic threats of prison rape.
* This happens to Chato in the NBC miniseries Kingpin. Unusually, he's actually raped by the guards.
* An episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit entitled "Fallacy" deals with a pre-operative transgender fighting not to be sent to prison because she fears the men there will rape her. She's sent to jail and ends up in critical care by the end of the episode, having been brutally gang raped by the other inmates.
o A different episode of Law And Order involved a kid who received prison for some incredibly minor crime, but was so traumatized by the repeated gang rapes that he came out a killer. Like the description above, when McCoy goes to interview the Aryan Brotherhood lifers that abused him, they refer to the victim as "she."
* Supernatural only alluded to it in Folsom Prison Blues - Dean gets a taunt when they arrive, he makes a joke and acts like it was directed at Sam.
* Shown in the British series The Governor. Like Oz, it is realistically portrayed and very disturbing.
* In Prison Break this is what happens to Tweener when he's put in a cell with Avocado.
o Also, a young man (almost boy) who served for T-Bag. He did commit suicide because of it.
o It's also implied the fresh inmate Bellick is eventually not raped by his threatening cellmate Avocado, but it's implied just the same that Bellick is finally raped in his first day in a Panamanian prison.
* Nip/Tuck managed to take the jackpot without even showing anything. All it took was one word - "anal retread". That's the type of operation a former inmate blackmails a surgeon into performing on him for free. The patient claims what happened to him wasn't gay – it was about surrendering. During the operation, the surgeon doesn't forget to turn on "How Deep Is Your Love" and mention how loose his patient's anus is.
* Rare female example on The X Files, where Mulder is trying to convince Scully to stick with his story that a pizza delivery boy he stabbed with a broken chair leg was a vampire & she might be tried as a co-defendant. "Prison, Scully. Your cellmate's nickname is gonna be Large Marge. She's gonna read a lotta Gertrude Stein..." This is surprising only because of Mulder's general affection for and respect of Scully, given that in José Chung's "From Outer Space" Mulder explicitly threatens a seemingly-uncoöperative rape suspect with rape in prison.
* Mentioned in the Canadian comedy show Just For Laughs, in a sketch about Canadian-American relations:

"We're bigger, and we're on top. If we were in prison, they'd be our bitch!"

* Alluded to in an episode of Pushing Daisies in which Ned is arrested on suspicion of murder.

Emerson: This might be a sweeping generalization but I don't think an attractive man who bakes pies for a living should spend any amount of time in prison

* In an episode of Friends, Phoebe quells an argument between Rachel and Monica by grabbing their ears and forcing them both to their knees. She then comments that if they were in prison, Monica and Rachel would be her bitches.
* Mentioned several times in The Wire. At one point a young character freaks out, because he's heard that there's a gang war going on at Juvie and "guys are getting raped!"


* On the "tasteless joke" front, the last track on The Offspring's Splinter album is "When You're In Prison", a guide to avoiding prison rape in the form of a '40s-style ballad. Complete with cheerful chorus of female voices at the end.
* Similarly, the song "Date Rape" by Sublime tells a story of a man who rapes a girl he meets in a bar, goes to jail, and is in turn raped himself, in a sort of poetic justice.
* A radio station in this troper's area has been known to play a doo-wop ballad called "Prison Bitch", which is rendered hideously funny by its spot-on mimicry of the style — if you've heard another such song, ever, in your life, you can perfectly predict the melody — contrasted with the horrid content: "You're not like all the others, too bad they had to die!"
o It's from the Bob and Tom Show, and it's one of their favorite songs to perform live.
+ They can't play it on the air anymore, however, because of the Media Watchdogs.
+ Tom also has an annoying habit (among many) of working a prison sodomy crack into nearly every crime news story.
+ As to the 'Can't play because of Media Watchdogs' thing, I call you a lying liar who lies. Mainly because this Troper was just listening to Bob and Tom and they played it.
* My Chemical Romance have a song called "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison". It's pretty self-explanatory.
o Don't buy the version with the screaming at the end. It's... understandably creepy.
* Bowling For Soup's video of "The Bitch Song" involves the band being sent to prison, with all that that and the song title implies(the song itself, however, is about the singer's girlfriend).
* In the song "I Won't be Home for Christmas" the narrator is sent to prison and molested if not outright raped.

Tabletop Games

* A recent editorial in the Los Angeles Times criticizing the use of Rape As Comedy (particularly Prison Rape) mentioned a board game called "Don't Drop the Soap!", in which the players are prisoners, and one who bends over to pick up dropped soap is at risk of getting raped.

Video Games

* Enzai, the OVA, features a disturbing amount of examples of this trope. Made worse by the fact that the main character is underage and has been sent to jail on the account of a crime he did not commit.
o The visual novel it's based upon makes the OAV look like a children's show.
* Grand Theft Auto 4 protagonist Niko Bellic mentions during a conversation that while he did spend time in Eastern European prisons, the whole prison bitch thing is a specifically American feature of incarcerated life. Whether this is actually true or not, This Troper has no idea.
o It's not, at least not in Russia. It might very well be universal, as it's pretty much Older Than anything you care to name. This troper had to do research. Not fun.

Web Comics

* In Umlaut House once displayed the reason Rick was paroled. Forcibly. "Oh dear! I appear to have dropped the soap, and will have to bend far, far over to pick it up!"
* Not shown, but discussed in this and this Loserz strip.
* In this strip of the Magic The Gathering webcomic UG Madness, Dominic ends up in jail and his cellmate makes Yu-Gi-Oh. Which, to the characters of the comic, is probably just as bad as rape.
* Kevin Lee of Sexy Losers in this strip. He is very gay and also a bit of a masochist so the other prisoners decide not to rape him after all.
* Karishma in a female example in Something Positive. It's only implied, and that vaguely, but many still rejoiced in seeing her punished in any way.

Western Animation

* The Boondocks: Prison rape is something that haunts the imagination of at least one character, Tom Dubois. In a Flash Back Montage, Tom's entire uptight, upright, good citizen prosecuting attorney personality is shown to stem from a deep-seated phobia about being sent to prison and raped.
* Parodied in one episode of Family Guy, when Peter is sent to jail for fraud, he says on his first day: "All those stories about dropping the soap are true!" He then goes on to say: "Y'know, it slips and slides everywhere, you just can't grab onto it!"
* One odd variation is the occasional suggestion that a homosexual character would enjoy prison for this reason. For example, on one episode of The Simpsons, there is a comment about Smithers "taking quickly" to a Turkish prison, and at the end of the remake of The In-Laws, one of the heroes comments that the flamboyant villain is going to "love" prison.
* One episode of Clone High had Gandhi being accidentally incarcerated. He was very nervous about prison rape, especially because the other inmates kept ominously referring to the shower. When they finally cornered him for his 'initiation', it was completely innocent, of the 'three cheers' variety. They then listened, sympathetically, as he discussed his grief over the death of Ponce de Leon. It was hilarious.
o When this is revealed, one inmate says "Damn, boy! What'd you think we were going to do? Make LOVE to you?" And then they all laugh, except for one guy who just keeps creepily staring at Gandhi...
* This was frequently implied to happen to the title character's father on the Canadian cartoon Kevin Spencer during his frequent trips to the slammer.

New Media

* In the web-published novel series Shadow of the Templar Mike makes this comment regarding Farraday being released from jail:
Mike: For one thing, I bet his asshole's hanging a little looser.
* Jeff Dunham:
Peanut: You'd get your ass sent to jail! And trust me, you would not do good in jail.
Jeff: Why not?
Peanut(deep voice): C'mere, puppet boy.
* A simple story about getting a functioning lightsaber in the mail somehow leads to promises of brutal vengeance: "I'm gonna make sure you guys get locked up in a *raping* jail!"

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